Internal transport 

Internal transport requires a high speed, safe use and the highest possible effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, we ensure that both the both noise level and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. You benefit to the full from the advantages of internal transport within your company, whilst it will hardly incur any costs or need looking after. That is our goal for internal transport and it’s what we achieve in collaboration with Schüco Design Industrieautomation.

Effectiveness and efficient for your internal transport

Your internal transport benefits from effectiveness and efficiency, that is to say that you must ensure that your products or goods arrive at the right place in as little time as possible. You opt for customised solutions, with the aid of a chain conveyor or one of the link conveyors that we can design for you and supply. We use excellent but light materials, combined with our vast experience within the sector. You will receive professional solutions for your internal transport from us, since you benefit from everything that is possible in the field of industrial automation.

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High speeds and safe use

Internal transport is only interesting if it is at high speed. Undoubtedly you think this is accompanied by risks. Not with us. We guarantee you high speeds for the transport within your company, without you having to make concessions with regard to safety. The transport systems we work with have been tested at length and offer you the possibility of operating safely in optimum conditions, without losing even one second. Safety and speed go hand in hand for our systems for your internal transport, so that you make the most of the innovative and unique opportunities in this domain.

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