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Aluminium or stainless steel, transport in a straight line or a combination of straight lines and bends, modular or a complete system. Thanks to this versatility, the Mat-top conveyor can be used in numerous sectors. "Mat-Top" is the brand name of an FS Solutions chain conveyor.


The modular Mat-Top conveyor can be used for many purposes, such as adding, filling and packaging individual products. However, it is also possible to transport bulk containers and cardboard boxes.

At FS Solutions, you have a choice of various Mat-top transport systems:

• FS-MTS-100 transport system: for transport in straight lines only
• FS-MTC-150 transport system: for transport in straight lines and bends
• Aluminium or stainless steel

Facts & figures Mat-Top conveyors

• Heavy load possible up to 250 kg for straight transport and 350 kg for straight transport with bends
• Quiet, ± 67 dB(A) at a speed of 35 metres/minute
• Small link size available for very small transitions
• Low frictional resistance means less energy consumption
• Quick and easy installation
• Minimum stoppage during cleaning and maintenance

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