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Exclusive trade partner MS+ Automation

FS Solutions is an exclusive trade partner from the MS+ Automation profile system. The high quality of this German product fitts well to the quality FS Solutions will guarantee. Anodized aluminium is the base of this system.

Profile system: the power of simplicity

The aluminium profile system are easy to work, quickly installed, provide flexibility and can be re-used at any time. The systems can be supllied either as components, in prefabricated from or ready-assembled.

Facts & figures Aluminium Profile system:

  • Easy connections without processing, including very strong screw connections
  • Wide accessory program helps with solving many different challenges
  • profiles can be supplied in several sizes
  • the 40 and 30 profiles are manufactured with core canal holes which are self-thread forming
  • Profiles can be delivered in different versions Light - Normal - Heavy
  • For clean rooms and better looking design profiles with a closed T-sot can be supplied

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