December 2005
Foundation of FS Solutions by Peter Horselenberg and Erwin Voortman. FS Solutions starts operating at Octaanstraat 1D in Rijssen

September 2011
Foundation of a branch in Germany: FS Solutions GmbH

April 2012
Exclusive partnership agreement in Belgium: FT Solutions

February 2013
Expansion: Octaanstraat 1E is added as a second workshop hall

December 2015
Celebration of the 10th anniversary

October 2016
Expansion: Octaanstraat 1C is added as a third workshop hall 

Peter Horselenberg worked in drive engineering at Morskate Aandrijvingen in Hengelo for years. Later, he switched to Schüco Design in Germany. During those years, he had frequent contact with the Erwin Voortman’s company, PS Nederland. PS Nederland develops solutions for industrial automation.



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